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VivierSkin® serums are excellent for skin with aging concerns such as, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven tone and texture. Furthermore, they enhance hydration, and are excellent before and after aesthetic procedures to soothe dryness and help decrease the appearance of redness.

According to Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, “L-Ascorbic Acid is essential to protect skin from oxidative damage and an on-going reservoir is needed to fight free-radical attacks. Vitamin C is the major aqueous phase antioxidant in the skin. It does not only neutralizes reactive oxygen species, but also actively regenerates Vitamin E, the major lipid phase antioxidant in skin and protects cell membranes.”

Criteria for VivierSkin®’s L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to be so effective for the skin

There are 3 key factors that determine the results of a Vitamin C based product, and in VivierSkin®, we have met all factors to ensure efficacy of product. 

  1. Chemical Form – The only form of Vitamin C that can be used in the body is L-Ascorbic Acid. Other forms of Vitamin C, such as Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, are not recognized by the body and must be converted to L-Ascorbic Acid by the body in order to be beneficial.VivierSkin® patented Vitamin C serums contain only L-Ascorbic Acid USP. VivierSkin® Vitamin C serums are formulated using the highest grade of Vitamin C available called “USP”. “USP” stands for United States Pharmacopeia. It is the highest pharmaceutical standard recognized for quality, purity, strength and consistency. VivierSkin® patented Vitamin C serums are formulated using only L-Ascorbic Acid USP.
  2. Stability – When exposed to air, Vitamin C undergoes oxidation (the process which causes a sliced apple to turn brown). When oxidized, a Vitamin C formulation becomes an oxidant instead of an antioxidant, which is harmful to the skin. The formulation and grade of the Vitamin C in its raw form determine the rate at which the formulation will oxidize. The color of your Vitamin C serum will indicate its stability. VivierSkin® Vitamin C serums are clear to light yellow, which means they are stable. Orange to brown serums have oxidized and should not be used. VivierSkin® patented Vitamin C serums are specially formulated and patented to maximize the stability of the Vitamin C.
  3. Absorption – Vitamin C products in the market differ on how much Vitamin C is actually absorbed and remains within the skin. The absorption of the Vitamin C is impacted by the pH as well as the absorption technology of the formulation. To be absorbed by the skin, the pH of topical Vitamin C must be between 2.3 and 3.8. VivierSkin® Vitamin C serums have an optimal pH between 2.4 and 3.2.

Unique delivery system for VivierSkin® serums

VivierSkin® serums are enhanced by a unique delivery system that allows the Vitamin C and other key ingredients to be absorbed into the skin in a controlled manner and be deposited in the areas where they are needed most.

Which VivierSkin® Vitamin C serum is recommended for your skin?

The family of VivierSkin® Vitamin C serums targets a variety of common aging conditions in addition to specific skin care concerns. 

The following table will help you determine which VivierSkin® Vitamin C serum is best for your specific skin type and condition:



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